March & April's Activities: 

 Date   Activities
 3/3  The Road Safety Patrol Annual Patrol Competition (K3)
 7/3  K3 Students visit the Supermarket
 9/3  Performance at Opening Ceremony of the Eastern District Cultural Square Carnival (K3) 
 11/3-6/4   Joyful Fruit Month of 2019 (K1-K3)
 16/3  Puppet Making workshop for parents
 23/3  The PTA Joint parent and child Picnic
 30/3  Baby Singing Competition (K3)
 4/4  Earth Rescue Team 「Little White Dolphin」 Story and Game Tour (K2&K3)
 6/4  Story Telling workshop for parents
 11/4  Student Picture Day (K1-K3)
 17/4  Upper Class Graduates Activity- Disney Youth Education Series (K3)
 18/4  Joint Parent and Child Games Day

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