In consideration of the development of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau announced that class suspension of all schools will be extended to the end of schools' Easter holidays, that is, schools would resume classes on April 20 the earliest. However, the exact date of class resumption is subject to further assessment.
If you have any questions, please contact our school at 3196 4081.

Good Books Records (Chinese only)
Good Books Suggestion Form (Chinese only)

Our “School Open House 2019” day will be held from 10 a.m. to 1:15p.m. on 19th October, 2019. We welcome all parents to join their children.

K3 student Wong Yu Chin and K2 student Niu Jing Ran represented our school in the Hong Kong Kindergarten Mandarin Competition 2019, and received the award for outstanding performance. Congratulations!

On behalf of our school, this year’s K3 students participated in the ‘Territory-Wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest 2019’, being awarded as champion. Congratulations students! Territory-Wide Young Childrens English Song Singing Contest 2019

  • K3 Students participated in the Baby Singing Competition and were awards the first-runner up. 20172018 K3 Baby Singing Competition - First runner

The 11th Parent-School co-operation (Fourth meeting agenda)
The minutes of every group meeting will be filed in the document pouch at the school office, all entries are welcome to be read. (Chinese only)

Primary School Allocation Results (Chinese only) 
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* 2018-19
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